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    Britney Spears ‘Doing a Lot Better’

    A tropical escape from the drama! Amid Britney Spears’ conservatorship drama, the pop star and her mother, Lynne Spears, flew to Turks and Caicos for a mother-daughter vacay.

    “Britney and Lynne spent the entire weekend relaxing on the beach and in the water,” a source tells Us Weekly. “Lynne took the photos and videos that Britney posted on Instagram. Britney loves doing impromptu little photo shoots and has a blast in front of the camera.”

    The Hills: New Beginnings Is Here, Complete With Lots of Staring

    This is crazy how all this is happening while Lauren's gone. 

    The Hills is back, in a way, though we're still unsure why exactly. It's not that we're not endlessly fascinated by the existence of Spencer and Heidi Pratt, or by Stephanie Pratt's fame in the UK, or by how Mischa Barton came to be involved in this thing, or by multiple conversations about men coming home to their wives too late at night, or by the fact that 1 1/2 year old Gunnar Pratt has an "assistant," but we just aren't sure what exactly was the reason for bringing this show back now

    The Hills: New Beginnings wasn't really able to explain why it exists, but it's here, and we just watched "old friends" Stephanie Pratt and Mischa Barton eat fruit on a beach while reminiscing over all the terrible things that had happen to them or that they had done over the years, but only after we saw Pamela Anderson run around her son's house with a bunch of sage. 


    Over the course of Halsey's career, she hasn't been shy about sharing some of the most personal and intimate details of her life. From the miscarriage she suffered before a performance in 2015 to her ongoing struggle with mental health, she continues to prove that she's an open book. But just when we thought she laid it all out there, the singer revealed to Rolling Stone even more details about her experience with bipolar disorder — which she was diagnosed with at 17 years old after a suicide attempt — and how she tries to get ahead of it before it starts to feel too difficult to manage.

    "I've been committed twice since [I became] Halsey, and no one's known about it. But I'm not ashamed of talking about it now," she told the magazine. "It's been my choice. ... I've said to [my manager], 'Hey, I'm not going to do anything bad right now, but I'm getting to the point where I'm scared that I might, so I need to go figure this out.' It's still happening in my body. I just know when to get in front of it."

    Pregnant Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds's Boston PDA So Adorable

    Ryan Reynolds just posted an adorable Instagram Story featuring his pregnant wife, Blake Lively, and an extremely nostalgic Back to the Future reference.

    Lively revealed that she's expecting her third baby with Reynolds while on the red carpet for the premiere of Pokémon Detective Pikachu in May 2019.

    Reynolds and Lively already have two children—James, 4, and Inez, 2.

    Cardi B Peforms At The 2019 BET Awards In Custom Bryan Hearns

    Cardi B Peforms At The 2019 BET Awards In Custom Bryan Hearns

    Cardi  B skipped the red carpet at the 2019 BET Awards, as she opened the show with her hit songs ‘Clout’ and ‘Press.’

    If you thought chaps were a thing of the past, you’ll be wrong, as they made up part of Cardi’s custom Bryan Hearns hunter green outfit which also included a caged bodysuit covered in crystals worn with military inspired crop puff sleeve top.

    Would you class this as an upgrade or downgrade from the expected leotard?

    Later on in the show she picked up Album of the Year for her 2018 debut album, ‘Invasion of Privacy.’

    Cardi was visibly excited to receive the trophy wearing a custom Nicolas Jebran Swarovski crystallized lime green gown.

    The only thing I found myself warming to was the colour and the netting within the exposed neckline.

    The final look from Cardi B on the night was courtesy of Fausto Puglisi.  I am surprised it has taken so long for the matching boots and dress combo from the designer to take so long to hit the red carpet.  I was sure Katy Perry would’ve rocked this by now.

    Between the colours and quirky signature sun embellishments, this suits her cartoon-ish persona.

    Credit: Getty

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