“Sound” China’s complex Lin Mi brings national style fashion to the world

Speaking of Tan Jing, everyone’s impression of her is that the “national team player” who sang the singer’s performance is the singer of the singer’s singer, “Avatar’s sister”, a jewellery designer who has turned the fashion jewelry award… Multifaceted Tan Jing With the fashionable design concept, the sound of the sound of nature is coming into the hearts of the people. Recently, Tan Jing sang the Sydney Opera House and held a “Boundary MORE – Tan Jing 2019 Sydney Concert”.

I thought that Teacher Tan was enough to rely on strength. She didn’t expect her to be a veritable fashion icon. The four stunning dresses and national styles at the concert were enough to explain everything.

It shows the characteristics of national culture and brings non-legacy elements to the international stage. This is the fashion spirit that Tan Jing wants to express. The “Chinese Story” series of jewellery and Chinese style costumes complement the moving melody. It not only brings the diversified song interpretation to the audience of the ocean, but also shows the charm of Chinese traditional culture to more people celebrity dresses.

“Dunhuang Thousand Buddhas” Chinese clothes pay tribute to oriental culture

At the “Mection of MORE – Tan Jing 2019 Sydney Concert”, Tan Jing debuted with a “Silk Road” full of Chinese regional culture. The songs sung by the audience not only let the audience feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture through the millennium, but also touch On the mountains and rivers of the motherland, she sings her feelings and joys and sorrows. Her signature cross-border sound field tells the world’s panorama about the extraordinary stories of today’s China.
Singing the “Silk Road” of this Chinese costume to the Chinese original designer brand Gaia legend Dunhuang Thousand Buddha series, the cloak-style design gas field is fully open, tough atmosphere, the Queen is full.

The details of this piece of Chinese clothing are worthy of scrutiny. The three-dimensional gold embroidery and engraving craftsmanship are exquisite and exquisite, creating a majestic and solemn Thousand Buddha Cave, partially adopting the brand’s iconic three-dimensional Gaia butterfly; whether from the details or the whole They all reflect the unique meaning of breaking the rebirth, and the strong oriental sentiment is in harmony with the Sydney Opera House.
It is worthwhile to learn from science. In the history, the shape of the thousand Buddhas in the Northern Dynasties is exemplified by the Thousand Buddhas and the lotus seat. The color of the Buddha’s head, the body and the clothing are arranged in groups of eight. Forming an oblique ribbon of the road, showing the artistic conception of “the Buddha and the Buddha, the light and the light”. The headgear of Tan Jing at the concert fully demonstrates the characteristics of the thousand-fog styling, and adopts the form of the golden dragon hovering, which not only demonstrates the noble grace, but also is smart and solemn.

In addition to this stunning “Dunhuang Thousand Buddhas” dress, the other three sets are also beautiful.

This set comes from Nora Reve, the workshop “Dreamer” cloak with the same ostrich hair metal lace fishtail skirt, Tan Jing incarnation of mysterious and elegant exotic princess.
This dress comes from the Israeli high-dressed dress brand CaliaLahav. This dress is a two-piece construction. The loose green tulle shirt is embellished with polka dots. The black vinyl skirt is equipped with oversized pockets. The upper part is soft and the lower body is tough. It is the greatest charm of a woman.
In the end, this red dress comes from Dan DAN Haute Couture. The fine tailoring body drags out the slender and straight body proportion. Red is the symbol of Chinese culture. This dress is the most elegant and perfect ending for the whole concert.

Combining tradition with fashion, telling “Chinese story” with music
The earrings worn by Tan Jing are all from the original luxury luxury jewelry brand DEA DESIGN. The earrings of the “Chinese Story” she designed are also on display. The “Chinese Story” jewelry and clothing echoes the theme of promoting Chinese culture. “Sound” is on the scene.

The “Chinese Story” series of jewellery precipitates the legend of history in this silent sculpture. Whether it is the quaint bronze ornament or the solemn lacquer carving, it tells the diversity and brilliance of the Chinese national culture. The essence of Chinese classical “window”, “silhouette”, “pattern” and other elements are refined and integrated into the characteristics of contemporary jewelry for artistic interpretation. Almost every piece of work can experience the artistic conception of “azure color and other rain”.
Tan Jing also specially designed an earring for this concert. It is a concert of the Sydney concert, which reads “HELLO MISS·T”. The playful and tensionful design adds a touch of style to the fashion.

Design style fashion and retro combo, let jewelry lovers appreciate the charm of Chinese traditional culture, while walking in the forefront of fashion, running through the elegant atmosphere of Tan Jing Sydney concert, bringing a singing tradition A visual feast with a cutting edge of fashion.

The sweetness of the juice is beautiful, and the film comes with a temperament!

This appearance of juice is usually described as a girl’s face white and tender, rich in collagen, a small face as if it is tender to squeeze out the juice. Park Xiurong, a member of SM’s portfolio of Red Velvet, has this look, or the juice industry!

A while ago, she also cut the bangs, usually with a black shawl with a partial shawl, the goddess is full of children, but when she does not laugh, this hairstyle will also make her a little more temperament Very aggressive celebrity dresses.

Some netizens also said that her partiality is more beautiful than Liu Hai. The new model is a bit too pleasing to look at, but in Xiaobian’s opinion, she is a hundred varieties. After all, it is from 130 pounds to 88 pounds. What shape? It’s hard to beat her.

Xiao Bian remembers to recognize her from Han Zong, “We are married”. At that time, Lu Xingcai formed a CP in the program. The two showed youthful vigour in front of the camera. Her sweetness and sweetness were loved by fans. It is called “Stars and Couples” by Chinese fans.

After “I knot”, the Korean drama appeared in front of everyone, and the love drama “She fell in love with me” with Li Yuyu, played as a female college student, and the short hair inside was also matched with Qi Liuhai, a very young girl.

In the “Great Tempter” with her, her performance is also salty and sweet. Under her sweet smile, you really can’t imagine the type of royal sister after her.

After a long time, the joy I saw on the social network was after her new haircut. A maroon-colored long hair with a frown bangs appeared in front of everyone, which further showed the roundness and cuteness of the face. Set off the sweet girl’s sense, not only turned into a beautiful girl, just a burst of movement, they all look cute and cute, it really is the sweetness of the juice face.

However, cutting a bangs does not mean that she has transformed into a sweet fan. Look at the airport map, her dress is still with a few mature sisters, wearing a retro-style Fair Isle jacquard, slightly sturdy.

This picture is really the peak of Joy’s face value. The figure is slim and red-haired. It is really beautiful and suffocating. Everyone knows that when she first debuted, she was a typical round face with a little bit of baby fat, but it was 130 pounds. The weight, the result is now slimming to 88 pounds.

Look at the dress, it is also very bold, she challenged the extremely difficult to control leather pants, to know that wearing it will immediately make the overall wear unsightly to the extreme, with a pair of black leather boots on the feet, as if To carry the leather to the end, the fashion aesthetic of Park Xiurong is really a bit unacceptable, too strange.

Travel photos can also be sweet and windy, and even if you don’t add filters, you can’t express your sister’s expression, and you can overflow from the screen.

Unlock the love of milk, the family’s autumn and winter is more gentle!

Cold air express parcels have been quietly sent to various places. We are eager to find out our autumn and winter fashions, not only the way we dress and match, but also the layering is immediately enriched. I am sure that the girls now are wondering how to dress and be thin and warm. Men also think about how to warm and shape. The elders want to be dry and not allergic in winter. Parents are thinking about how to let the baby Dress warm, play well, still cute and not bloated ~ Honestly, PC sauce is looking forward to a long time, you can wear autumn and winter fashion to go to the street!

However, the autumn and winter seasons are dry, and the skin is easily rubbed by the clothes to generate static electricity, itching or dry peeling. At this time, you need to choose comfortable, skin-friendly and self-cultivating underwear to separate clothes and skin, and bring comfort and good matching for autumn and winter clothes celebrity dresses.

Change seasons~ Many treasure moms want to start autumn and winter skin-friendly underwear for their families, and put a set of the most intimate gifts for their children, husbands and parents. PC sauce believes that skin-friendly underwear should be considered in terms of fashion, high-quality fabrics and safety. For this reason, PC sauce has selected a popular, warm and lovable milk coat to bring the choice of skin-friendly underwear for the family. The love milk coat is different from the many yards of underwear on the market, for men and women. The baby models have been designed to be more suitable and more practical. How do you love the design of the milk-coating skin care system to care for every member of the family? Let’s go all out for a comprehensive evaluation!

First, fashion

Underwear tends to give people a stereotype of pajamas, ugly patterns, old-fashioned models and thick cotton warm cloth quality home clothes, can not directly put on the fashion, wear them and let them look “Too full.” Ladies are afraid to be seen by others through the cuffs, neckline and other positions to see the traces of underlying underwear, destroy the image of their own fairy and wear a sense of fashion, sometimes prefer to cold and have to give up wearing underwear. Men’s daily business is equipped with strict suit etiquette, shirt cuffs stand two to three centimeters of blazer, trousers only to the feet of the feet, easy to cause the exposed underwear exposed. Many men also talk about underwear color change, in order to avoid giving up wearing. The evaluation editor specially invited men and women models to try on the men’s and women’s underwear that loves the family. They wear 3 sets of daily fashions to evaluate the fashion. What is the “hidden function”?

Evaluation results: male models put on business suits, everyday casual wear and sportswear; female models put on business suits, everyday fashion and daily commuter wear. Admiring the milk coat does not destroy the beauty of any set of clothes.

From the neckline, cuffs, corners and other details of the real shot observation, the performance of the admiration of milk is completely invisible in everyday fashion.

Model try-on summary: male and female models have a 10 points satisfaction with the fashion of admiring milk clothes, and the design has a good hidden function, which will not damage the daily wear fashion. In the process of experience, the skin-friendly body of the underwear is full of praise. The skin-friendly experience changes the shortcomings of skin allergies, itching, dermatitis and other discomfort caused by the friction between the winter underwear and the dry skin. The fabric that loves skin-care underwear uses acrylic fiber as a carrier and milk protein fiber. The active protein particles in the milk protein fiber are dispersed inside and on the surface of the fiber. Its hydrophilicity is good, and the protein remaining on the surface of the fiber is easily absorbed by the skin, bringing a soft and comfortable touch to the skin. This fabric is also particularly suitable. Baby wears daily, baby’s skin is delicate and oil secretion is less, autumn and winter are particularly easy to dry and allergic, admiring milk clothes can be warm and care all day long~

The admiring milk coat also contains more intimate design details. The women’s models are available in long-sleeved or vest models. The women’s vest models include a bra design, which can be worn directly at home. The men’s underwear is designed with a teardrop-shaped neckline, which effectively avoids the embarrassment of revealing underwear when the shirt is buckled. The cuffs are designed with a non-sticky pattern. Even if multiple pieces of clothing are superimposed in winter, no indentation will occur at the cuffs, causing discomfort.

The baby’s net mark design, flat stitch design, can solve the parents’ special worry about the baby’s autumn and winter skin problems, so that the active baby can play.

Second, the quality of fabrics

Underwear is a close-fitting clothing, and the quality of the fabric affects the comfort and service life it brings. Xiao Bian quietly in the office to give a small survey of wearing underwear for male colleagues in the office, found that men choose the skin-friendly underwear, pay more attention to fabric comfort. They all believe that the daily work is busy, comfortable skin-friendly underwear will not be resisted and can improve the comfort of work. Business shirt fabrics are harder. In the autumn and winter seasons, the friction of daily movements can easily cause skin discomfort. It is difficult to avoid the cuffs entering the wind and only increase the risk of cold in the stomach. Choose a soft and skin-friendly love milk coat as a base, which can make the elbows, shoulders, knees and other comfortable movements, and keep warm and comfortable inside, so that elite men can be more confident and shaped. Then we have carried out a series of related evaluations on the quality of the fabric. Is it worthwhile to choose the value of the milk suit? Let’s go!

1, wear resistance test

Who said that the life of the underlying underwear is only one quarter? Really good underwear can withstand the temper!

The two women who bought the yoga-loving activities tried to wear a muslim milk coat and a general-purpose underwear in the market for yoga exercise for a two-hour exercise every day. After one week, the fabrics of the elbows, buttocks and knees were recorded for comparison.

Evaluation results: By observing the real shots of the underwear details of the two women wearing yoga, the comparison found that after a week of yoga exercise, the ordinary underwear touched the yoga mat and produced the most rubbing details, such as elbows and hips. The fabrics in the calf area are pilling due to friction, which destroys the overall fashion sense of the underwear. In contrast, the real shots of the elbows, buttocks, and knees of the admiring milk coat are still intact under the yoga exercise of a week, like the new one.

Xiao Bing, a participant in the evaluation of milk-coating, said: “I have tried a lot of such underwear before. This is very impressive during the yoga exercise. It does not make me feel in any stretching action. Limitations, quality is still intact after the activity test, I chose this after the yoga class and family yoga.”

The cold winter makes the treasure mothers have a sense of urgency. It is urgent to choose a good underwear that guarantees the quality of the baby, does not hinder the baby to play happily, and cares for the baby’s skin while keeping warm and warm! I love children’s milk clothes and meet the various needs of the baby. You can see the children’s milk coat neckline, the cuffs are smooth and fine, and the version fits the baby’s body shape. It feels soft and comfortable. It can really be done. Let the treasure mothers feel at ease and care for the healthy growth of the babies.

PC sauce found colleagues’ “home” 3 year old baby, try to wear children’s underwear, and play with him for a day, see the degree of friction on the elbows, buttocks, knees.

Evaluation results: Similarly, by observing the details of the real shot, the baby wears a child’s milk clothes to play all day, although the baby crawls at home, playing games, etc., the fabrics in the details remain intact, without affecting the quality of the underwear, the baby runs The stretch is not deformed, and the delicate skin does not leave a trace, and the skin is not rubbed while climbing. Don’t be afraid of a naughty baby! Xiaobian recommended the treasure moms choose!

2, hygroscopicity and permeability test

Underwear with poor fabric selection can easily cause the skin to feel stuffy. We pour water for 3 seconds by pouring the admiring milk coat and ordinary underwear to observe the water absorption and evaluate the moisture absorption of the underwear.

Evaluation results: After injecting 30ml of liquid into the milk coat, the fabric quickly absorbs excess water. After the ordinary underwear is infused with 30ml of liquid, the fabric does not absorb moisture, and some of the water drops still float on the fabric. It can be seen that the moisture absorption of the love milk coat is better.

For further evaluation and discussion, we rigorously conducted a breathability experiment: we were immersed in a beaker with 450ml and 100°C water, and then weighed a transparent and clean beaker. After a minute, the water vapor condensation on the inner wall of the beaker.

Evaluation results: After 2 minutes, I loved the beaker above the milkcoat and condensed most of the water droplets through the steam. The beaker on the top of the ordinary underwear only condenses a small amount of water drops. The breathability of the admiring milk clothes is indeed very strong, and the indoor sports in autumn and winter will not feel stuffy. Suitable for men, women and babies who love sports.

3, the mark test

The two women who participated in the yoga activities tried to wear a muslim milk coat and a normal underwear in the market for two hours. After two hours of yoga, they took real shots of their wrists, ankles and waist. Ordinary underwear, the right is the love milk coat.

Evaluation results: The cuffs of the admiration milk coat have a seamless design, and there is no obvious constraint on the position of the wrist and the bare feet. The overall comfort is confirmed by the test participants. After two hours of yoga activities, the ordinary underwear is still slightly red-skinned. The test participants said that ordinary underwear will be limited to some movements during yoga exercise, which brings discomfort.

4, flexible testing

Contrast the elasticity of the love milk coat and the common underwear, record a set of data by first measuring the initial length of the cuffs, cuffs, and neckline positions, and then stretching each part to the limit length. The test was continued for 200 times and the recovery length of the clothes was measured.

After the test, the data is as follows:

Evaluation results: Through comparison data, it is found that the length of the stretch of Amour Milkcoat is much higher than that of ordinary underwear, the cuff elasticity is 11 cm, the cuffs are 10 cm, and the neckline is 28 cm. After repeating the test 200 times, the recovery length of the cuffs, cuffs, and neckline is less than 1 cm from the original length, but the normal underwear has a significant gap of 3 to 5 cm from the original length. It can be seen that the love milk coat is flexible and not easily deformed, and its quality is impaired in daily use and machine washing.

Third, security

Underwear as a close-fitting clothing, directly in contact with the skin, in addition to comfort is important, the safety of the fabric is equally important. Fluorescent-containing intimate clothing can easily cause skin irritation to a baby with lesser resistance. During the evaluation process, we need to pay more attention to this and bring peace of mind to the choice of the whole family. We tested the safety of the fabric phosphor content on the Emulsion Milkcoat using a Fluorescence Content Tester.

Fluorescent agent test: The fluorescent tester was used to perform three repeated tests on the ladies’, men’s, baby, and one fluorescent-containing clothes.

to sum up

In general:

  1. The style design of the admiring milk coat can avoid the shackles that are easy to expose when wearing underwear in autumn and winter, combining skin and fashion.
  2. Amusement milk underwear fabrics for daily activities, indoor sports, sleep, etc., suitable for adults and children.
  3. Amour Milkcoat In the fluorite safety test, the fluorescer content was not detected, so you can choose to wear it.

Written in the end: Underwear is a collection of autumn and winter treasures that every family member should purchase. Whether it is the daily care of the children, the daily business of the fathers, the outdoor sports of the old people, the children play and play, the skin-friendly underwear can prevent the friction between the skin and the autumn and winter clothes, so as to protect every inch of the skin, invisible Protect, enjoy free activities, experience life, and enjoy the family. It’s the season, the constant is the comfort~

Do not do average 丨doho LIFESTYLE HOUSE fashion cross-border first show was a complete success!

Europe imported whole house custom home fashion brand doho LIFESTYLE HOUSE cross-border domestic new designer brand KZ·KSIEZYC, on November 3rd in the 798 art district doho LIFESTYLE HOUSE launched the 2020 spring and summer series new product release.

The new designer Meng Yueming pays tribute to the “Op Art” born in the “Le movement” group exhibition in Paris, France in 1955, and combines the unique artistic atmosphere of the doho LIFESTYLE HOUSE space to give doho LIfESTYLE HOUSE x KZ 2020 Spring and Summer Collection’s unique visual art temperament celebrity dresses.

Doho LIFESTYLE HOUSE x KZ 2020 spring and summer series of bright colors, echoing the theme of doho LIFESTYLE HOUSE orange, the designer will match the green series with the doho LIFESTYLE HOUSE orange series, making the whole series bright and vibrant.

At the same time, the designer re-engineered the logo elements of doho LIFESTYLE HOUSE and KZ, and combined the doho LIFESTYLE HOUSE furniture series with KZ fashion, and presented the lines in the form of Op. The opto-style curve print overlay and the superposition design of the clothing material also create a unique “rhythm” with deliberate deformation and overlap.

In the pure color or geometric form, the whole series has a strong sense of tension and strong rhythm, which produces a wavy illusion effect on the look and feel, and finally forms a “flowing” visual beauty, which brings light, fresh and elegant to the wearer. Wearing experience.

At the press conference, the model slowly descended from the orange-red staircase, with a strong visual impact, showing a dreamlike, imaginary and colorful color.
Guests can immerse the temperature of the doho LIFESTYLE HOUSE home space, the model is placed in the audience, and the guests can observe the design details at close range.
The new designer Meng Yueming said that KZ insists on an open and inclusive attitude and is keen to capture artistic trends. He hopes that his works can freely integrate multiple cultures across borders, which coincides with the brand concept conveyed by doho LIFESTYLE HOUSE.

Doho LIFESTYLE HOUSE is a European brand of custom-made home-made street fashion brand. It adheres to the brand concept of “do not do average”. This time, we will join hands with KZ to cross the 2020 Spring/Summer collection. This crossover of the traditional industry thinking has not only unlocked more fields, but also opened up the doho LIFESTYLE HOUSE to explore new business models.

In the future, doho LIFESTYLE HOUSE, which does not do the average, will continue to lead fashion, publicize personality and create more exciting!

Is it difficult to win the battle of the great god of the workplace? With these four pieces, you will be invincible!

This time of the year is the day of autumn recruitment, a new wave of small fresh meat will continue to enter the company. Looking at them young, they are full of vigor and vitality. Although the women and women have long been familiar with the workplace, but in the face of this wave of fresh blood, is it starting to worry about age, because of dress and worry?

But don’t worry, this time PCLADY has prepared these advanced version of the equipment for you, from clothing to electronic products, armed from the inside out, vowed to let you win the workplace in the workplace for many years. Turn over celebrity dresses!

Strong shoulder bag suit

Suits belong to the workplace, and the right-angled shoulder-shoulder suit is the standard for office women. A woman wearing a shoulder-shoulder suit is born with a strong atmosphere that is not close to people. The arrival of small fresh meat workers will inevitably lead you to three points.

Right-angle suits don’t pick height and size. Just pick the right size and the problem of not wearing them will be solved. Ordinary wear, that is, suits and skirts, suitable for commuter office, whistle skirts, hip skirts, etc. are excellent choices. In the autumn, the pleated skirt can usually create a graceful dance, which weakens the sharpness of the workplace. With pointed shoes, you can achieve the fashionable effect of effortless.

Wild fashion shirt

Shirts are actually the favorite of the Superman in the workplace. The shirts are multi-faceted and easy to take care of. It saves time for matching every morning and can free up space to handle more work.

In the selection of the color of the shirt, the entry level can be used with a simple white shirt, and jeans to create an eye-catching combination of effortless chic, or you can choose the animal texture pattern to improve the overall fashion tonality. With a straight skirt for commuting, wearing a unique leather blazer, not only unlocks the mature atmosphere of professional professionals, but also fashionable enough to let small meats learn.

Wide-leg pants with full open air field

Wide-leg pants are also a must-have item in the women’s wardrobe. Extra long pants, or large pants, every step is a firm step in the gas field.

Autumn trench coats and wide-leg pants are a pair of locked CPs. The coolness of the autumn and the breeze of the breeze are especially evident between the elegant windbreaker and the wide-leg pants.

37-year-old Korean actress sand sculpture with baby daily! Do not play in the house to be funny, but also hot network?

For girls, the most worrying thing after marriage is that after being a wife and mother, the youthful years are not mediocre and boring, especially in modern society, the pressure to raise children is not small.

Recently, there was a group of very hot photos of the baby on the ins, and the sand sculptures brought the nets to the netizens to laugh and stop!

This group of sand sculptures with a picture of a baby, from a Korean mother, because the pressure of the baby is too big, she vented in the back of the child, in the photo, the baby sits quietly in his stroller, a small face Expression, very cute.

Behind him was an “excessively active”, so that the violent mother who couldn’t take a clear figure, danced wildly for a while, and sang a song later.

Looking at the violent mother, the shawl is distributed, and the self is madly released. Can you imagine that the style of painting before her birth is like this?

The woman on the photo, named Li Meidu, is a Korean actress. She has participated in many popular Korean dramas and has many fans who belong to her own. It can be said that she is a quite successful woman in her career.

What many people don’t know is that Li Meidu, who was born in 1983, has 36 this year, but her body and skin condition are still in the state of a frozen-age girl. She is elegant and generous in front of the camera, and the magazine cover is sexy and charming.

Until last year, Li Meidu was pregnant and gave birth to a novice mother, which made her officially bid farewell to the glamorous, free and comfortable life. The hard-working baby occupied all of her life. For this reason, she reduced the workload and put more time. And energy into the family, accompanying his son to grow up.

When I was a mother, Meidu knew how difficult it is to take care of a child. Besides the children’s eating, sleeping, washing, and a lot of housework waiting for you, in addition to daily eating and drinking, it is more important to be good. Educate him celebrity dresses.

In short, with the baby to keep a multi-purpose, always stare at the child, while working, while looking back at the child, so as not to ask the child what problem, then she really felt that the baby at home really did not imagine So easy, it is no harder to make money to raise a family.

After the son was 1 year old, he began to become mischievous, which made the beauty become very distressed. In order to vent the troubles of carrying the baby, she brought a mischievous son to share the various violent behaviors online.

Release the nature in the pool, go to the video game city to play the game console behind the son, when the home is relieved, open the bottle of wine and roots, and then come to a deep water bomb, and when you drink it, sing a song again, so unhappy!

As long as she is behind her son, she will always be the over-active mother, so that she has forgotten the helpless son next to her, and for her mother’s sand sculpture style, this cute baby seems to be used to it.

For Li Meidu, bringing a baby is not only a matter of honing physical strength, but also a matter of tempering spiritual willpower. She feels that if she feels pressure, she must not accumulate in her heart, and the venting should still be vented.

Life with a baby is busy and nervous, and it is inevitable that there will be fatigue and collapse, and even easy to lose self, but from these pressures, Li Meidu learned to adjust himself, give himself enough private space, and learn better. Enjoy the mother and child life.

Mothers like Mido must not only take care of their own careers, but also take care of their families, take on the responsibility of having children, and face pressure from society and family.

In addition to themselves, dads should also be more responsible, give more care, when they feel exhausted, have a solid shoulder to rely on ~

Liu Wen has not talked about love? Live her so much!

This is a trivial person, accidentally caught in the big stage of fashion. I am still a trivial self, carrying too much concern. ”

In the latest issue of “Amazing Life 2”, PC sauce finally waited for Liu Wen.

This time, Aya took Liu Wen into the Arctic Circle and opened an expedition tour at the Svalbard Archipelago. The desert island was gold-plated, the Arctic Ocean was riding the wind and the waves, the Arctic wilderness trek, and the glacier passed by…. .. This journey full of rough and primitive vitality, let some netizens call “I want to pack the horse to the North Pole!”

However, the scenery is beautiful again, and the journey is surprising, but it is not enough for everyone to pay too much attention to Liu Wen. After the program was broadcast, from #刘雯真# to #刘雯 said that she had not talked about love#, the public showed an unprecedented “care” for Liu Wen’s personal feelings celebrity dresses.

01 A person is very good, and can’t escape loneliness.

In the program, Liu Wen said, “I never talked about love,” let the netizen blast the pot, but also gave a lot of CP powder to the head, crushing the pink reverie of the year.

Netizens began to talk differently. “As a pomegranate powder of the year, it was a bit difficult to flatten.” “I really think that she and Cui Shiyuan are super-matched. It is really a pity that they are not together.” “She refused to talk about her character thousands of miles away.” it’s common”……

And a woman who is thinking about her work, when talking to people on the show, frankly that the work occupies all her life, she is like a snail, always flies to different countries and cities, taking pictures, catwalks, interviews and cycles. It is also because of “The Adventures of Life 2” that the first camping in life was opened.

Time, freedom, for her, I am afraid it is too extravagant, so I can’t help but leave tears when I see the agent’s text message:

Enjoy the three days without outside disturbances and the first camping in your life.

When energy is devoted to work, when work fills up life, it is really difficult to have enough time to find a person, to know a person, and it is no wonder that she will jokingly say “work is her boyfriend.”

Although the mouth said “one person lives very well”, but because the director said “not because you do not want to find a boyfriend, because you can not find, your happiness is only because of your selective memory.” Again, tears, it seems that no one can escape in the matter of loneliness.

Even if the inner belief is firm, I will feel from time to time that “no one will share, and one person will be lonely.”

02 In the face of “love,” she bravely

Liu Wen once shared a paragraph: When asked for directions on the streets of Paris, I met a handsome guy who communicated with a lame English for a long time. The other party simply sent her to her destination. When the other party asked to leave a phone call to invite her to dinner, She has run away nervously…

However, she also tried to understand a person, to accept a person, to feel the taste of love.

I still remember that in the variety show “We Love Each Other” for 15 years, Liu Wen and Cui Shiyuan’s “Pomegranate CP” harvested a large amount of CP powder due to various high-sweet interactions, and even PC sauce became one of them.

From the beginning of the date to the end of the three-month screen love, whether the two have become a mystery in the hearts of fans. After all, the eyes are the easiest window to sell emotions, and in the sweetness that Liu Wen can’t hide, PC sauce is always confused: Is the cousin really tempted?

The first sweet date, the cousin is like a girl in love, happy in words.

Will make a bowl of longevity noodles for him to sneak into the kitchen.

In the face of a sudden first kiss, such youth and shyness are really too real.

The departure code of the airport is full of reluctance, but there is still a hug to comfort.

And the final love farewell, the heart is constantly surging and sad.

After the separation, Liu Wen looked back at the two people along the way, and couldn’t help but shed tears. Many people questioned: “Everyone is very acting,” but in PC sauce, she finally took the courage. step.

From the beginning of the shyness to the doubts in the middle to the final persistence and initiative, we saw an incomparably true and sincere Liu Wen, she tried to put down the defense to contact a well-informed person to experience the taste of love.

Therefore, it is not difficult for us to understand the kind of shyness and slowness in her program. She let us see the stunned side of a girl in love, not the side of the star full of aura.

03 Liu Wen: Never set limits for life

Mentioned Liu Wen, many people know that she is the light of the national model, is a supermodel, and called her a “cousin”, but she never gave herself a label, set up a person.

Even Weibo certification is just a simple four words: model Liu Wen, when fans meet her, they also laughed that they are Liu Wen’s “cousin.”

Because of her chance to enter the modeling industry, she has paid a lot of hard work and hard work that many people don’t know. Fortunately, she has already ushered in the highlights of life.

In 2009, she was the first Asian model to board the Wei Mi show, and in the same year’s autumn and winter fashion week, she won 72 big shows.

In 2012, she was named “China’s first real supermodel” by The New York Times.

In 2014, he was listed on the Forbes Global Model Income List and tied for the third place with Miranda Kerr. In the same year, he was selected into the MDC “New Supers” global new supermodel list, becoming the first Asian model to enter the “New Supers” list.

Not to mention her appearance in various magazine covers and brand endorsements. When some supermodels return to the family, they marry into the giants, and she, without background, no backing, relying on all the way diligent and conscientious, step by step to refresh the height of the Asian supermodel, and stick to her supermodel road.

In the face of these deserved honors, no one has ever questioned: Why is she?

Because 31-year-old Liu Wen is living her own adventure life! Humble attitude, calm mind, such Liu Wen, deserve to be so good.

Even why Shiman has taken the initiative to play CALL’s light eye cream, where is it?

“Panda Eye” once plagued a lot of Miss Meijie sisters, especially for those who stayed up late to work, the increasingly dark circles made everyone very distressed, so which kind of eye cream to dark circles to edema and wrinkle effect comparison Ok?

There are various reasons for the formation of dark circles. This is not only related to life and work, but also related to pigmentation and vascular function. Among them, dark circles caused by poor blood circulation, blood color Dark circles caused by darkness, and the common dark circles we need in peacetime need to be treated differently. The dark circles that we often appear in normal life are mostly dark circles caused by pigmentation, which is the “panda eye” often caused by day and night celebrity dresses.

For female celebrities, it is common for all kinds of shooting programs to turn around and often stay up all night, so the care of the eye skin is definitely the top priority. After all, once the eyes appear dark circles and small lines, facing the lens is like 10 years old! The acting skills of the stars also need to be blessed with “eye skills”, and naturally there is no less effort in eye care.

Recently, Charmaine shared his eye cream in the Maldives’ journey, which is the following “one minute KO fine lines”: 椿溪香抚纹眼精霜.

Where is it good? Let me see what the maiden said.

After seeing the planting of the goddess, Xiao Bian can’t wait to start. Let’s try it out for everyone. Is it really so good!

Many net red people call it “one-minute eye cream”, which is mainly effective for quick wrinkle resistance in short periods of time and is especially effective for fine-grained dark circles. This eye cream is between the cream and the lotion. It is generally very thin. I worry that the baby with long fat particles in the eye after rubbing the eye cream can put this concern down. Xiao Bian also suggested that you can take a eye massage at the same time as applying eye cream, which is very effective for eliminating dark circles.

Everyone knows that caffeine has a fat burning component, which can promote microcirculation of eye fat and blood, eliminate excess edema and fat accumulation, thereby achieving the effect of diminishing dark circles and improving eye bags. Many big-name eye creams add caffeine. Eye cream is no exception, so baby who wants to go to dark circles must look for it when buying eye cream!

In addition to caffeine, Xiao Bian also saw the same ingredients on the ingredient list of international big-name anti-wrinkle eye cream – retinol, acetyl hexapeptide, these two ingredients can be described as “wrinkle buster”, for the lightening of the fine lines around the eyes Dry lines are very effective. In terms of composition alone, this eye cream is indeed a sincere and full of domestic eye cream compared to many big brands with a single functional ingredient. It is no wonder that Charmaine has given the fans a strong grass! Girls with dark circles and eye lines, use them with aunts!

The opening of the 12th Beijing Youth Theatre Festival, the fashion liquor crosses the border and opens the drama tour

On November 1, 2019, hosted by the Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Beijing Committee of the Communist Youth League, the China National Theatre, the Beijing Dramatists Association and the Beijing Youth Theatre Workers Association, the 12th Beijing International Youth Theatre Festival, Grand opening at the National Theatre. “Anna Karenina”, directed by the Russian artist Alexander Garibin, became the opening drama of the Beijing International Youth Theatre Festival. Anna, who is called “Russian Soul”, is Anna. Galicina, the performance of tension, the sleek lighting and the stage effect, deeply shocked the audience.

Founded in 2008, the Beijing International Youth Theatre Festival, led by the pioneering drama director Meng Jinghui, is dedicated to promoting the growth and exchange of youth drama. After more than ten years of development, it has become a world stage for youth dramas to collide and show themselves. With the theme of “cultivating young creative talents and launching outstanding young dramas”, this drama festival promotes the diversification and international development of youth dramas with the key words of “future, creativity, hope and dream”.

Also on the same day was the sponsor of the Beijing Youth International Drama Festival, which is good at “dramatic” cross-border innovation of “Youth” Guanyun Liquor. This time, Guanyun brought two special customized products to the Beijing International Youth Theatre Festival: “Anna Karenina” and the theme version of the drama festival. The Anna version is full of impact, and the drama version is full of youth and vitality celebrity dresses.

Guanyun Liquor is the emerging fashion liquor brand that rises in China’s liquor industry this year. It continues to break through the liquor industry in terms of drinking experience, product ritual feeling, fashion sense of time, creative impact, cross-border surprise and other aspects. The boundaries of the past have caused dramatic changes in the traditional industries and products in the eyes of liquor. In the top activities such as the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Fashion Group and the Spring Festival Gala Dinner of “One Belt, One Road” Ambassador, Chinese and foreign people were shocked by the development of Chinese liquor.

For this cooperation with the Beijing International Youth Theatre Festival, Guan Yun said that drama and wine are like a pair of twin brothers. Whether it is from the sacrificial activities of humans before the birth of the drama, or the Dionysian theme still active on the stage today, drama and wine have a natural connection. Prior to this, Guan Yun also had in-depth cooperation with Chen Kaige’s “The Demon Cat Biography” and Guo Fan’s “The Wandering Earth”. This collaboration with the Beijing International Youth Theatre Festival finally brought drama and wine together in a dramatic way. Watch the show, get to know yourself, or drink a glass of wine and become someone else.

How to match the boys’ overalls, it’s important to wear shoes.

How do men’s overalls look good? Tooling shorts are a favorite item for many boys in the summer. It is between formal and casual. You can switch between styles according to different combinations. What do boys wear when they wear work shorts? Shoes look good?

How to match the boys’ overalls?

First, three-dimensional multi-pocket tooling shorts

This overalls is designed with a belt strap that adjusts to the tightness with a belt, and allows men to show a unique manly style. The feet can be paired with a pair of brown Martin boots. The tops can be paired with black sweaters in spring and autumn. In the summer, you can wear a simple T-shirt. This combination perfectly shows the heroic spirit of the bloody man celebrity dresses.

Second, loose wash multi-pocket tooling shorts

Men’s pants, the version is cut loose and three-dimensional, with a drop-out design to wear a very casual. Made of high-quality cotton, it is soft and wear-resistant. The solid color surface is enhanced by the washing process, and the multi-pockets are added to the level, which is full of street work style. The overall line is smooth and fine, highlighting the brand’s craftsmanship.
Third, tiger pattern camouflage casual pants

This men’s shorts is made from pure cotton twill and is soft and strong. It is treated with a water washing process to enhance the comfort and texture. The short version is straight and straight, and the upper body is very casual and very versatile. The tiger’s camouflage fashion is eye-catching, and the side strips are full of personality. The multi-pocket design highlights the tooling range, and the rolled-up cuffs are richly layered for a more cool look.

Fourth, men’s street camouflage shorts

Camouflage has always been a long-lasting trend element, and it has its origins in the military uniforms, but also makes it more tough. And this shorts, plus camouflage based on the tooling elements, like a large pocket design, durable and practical wear, casual with a T-shirt in the summer can be handsome out of the street. Coupled with the overall comfortable fabric and slightly loose fit, the wearing comfort can be said to be very high.

Five, large pocket tooling shorts

The camouflage print under the heavy-duty washing process reveals a very strong retro feeling, and the emphasis on the realistic design style adds a tough sense of lines to the pants. The large pockets representing the tooling attire enhance the layering of the trousers, and the five-pants style perfectly shows the fluent lines of the legs and is cool and handsome.

Six, street dead fly skateboard camouflage tooling shorts

The fashion draw is added by the personality drawstring, and the waistband is tailored to the human body. With comfortable and breathable cotton fabric, the avant-garde camouflage design makes plain pants no longer monotonous. In this season, you may need such camouflage and cool for a summer.

Seven, BDCT Europe and the United States tide brand tooling shorts

Tough and casual street temperament, military style is strong, practicality is good. In the summer, the high-speed outfit style of the tooling shorts not only has a tough and unique versatile effect, but also the multi-pocket design is practical.

What kind of shoes are good for boys’ overalls?

Tooling shorts with canvas shoes

Tooling shorts is a very magical item. It is a different style with different clothing and shoes. First of all, boys can choose to use it with canvas shoes when wearing tooling shorts. Like the most classic vans or Converse on the street, it is very feel. As for the choice of high or low, everyone depends on their height.

Tooling shorts with Loafers

Tooling shorts and Lok Fu shoes will look a lot more formal, giving a very gentleman is very refined, the length of the pants is recommended to be above the knee, so the effect will be better, shallow mouth Lok Fu shoes let you The calf muscles are more beautiful and very attractive to men.

Tooling shorts with sandals and slippers

In fact, many boys feel that wearing sandals or slippers is not a very cool thing, but its practical sandals and slippers are very suitable for the style of the holiday style. It is a very standard summer style, and the whole person is special. Comfortable, stylish and comfortable, what are you hesitating?